Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Wikis in Business

Wikis are great tools for collaboration. They allow multiple users from different locations to edit or review products and post information. Two European companies have used wikis since 2004, and are still using them today. Technology company Nokia and invenstment bank Dresdner Kleinwort have used corporate wikis for their businesses in order to edit files, transfer documents, and update schedules. They save time and money, which are to very important things in the business world.

Corporate Wikis Go Viral

My Favorite Bands

Here is one of my favorite songs at the moment. Some of my favorite bands include...

Tame Impala
The Shins
My Morning Jacket

My First Post - Hello!

Hello everyone my name is Ryan Hatch and I am at CFCC majoring in Web Development. I am known as "the tech guy" around my family, and I often help them out with anything they need. This blog will mainly contain things related to my interests, such as music, technology, and occasionally school related things. Three of my favorite websites are Amazon (because they have everything), Ultimate-Guitar, which has lots of guitar tabs, and Youtube for watching videos. I play guitar and bass, and enjoy lots of different types of rock, my favorite being shoegaze, a form of alternative rock. I also sometimes play video games but not as much as I used to.